Monday, 8 January 2018

Where to start: my research plans for 2018

I've been taking some time to finalise my research plans for 2018 mostly because I've had to remind myself of what I've already achieved in previous years, and where I'm up to!

So, after doing that, and considering other things that will be happening this year, it makes sense to me to focus on just 2 generations of my ancestors - my grandparents and their siblings, and my great-grandparents.

All of them are deceased, so I have no personal stories or interviews to start with.  And, over the years, I've found much of the framework of their lives - dates of birth, marriage, death, etc.  But the stories, the details, the realities of their lives are still largely unexplored.

The families I want to research are:

1. Maternal Grandfather, Siblings, and Parents

2. Maternal Grandmother, Siblings, and Parents

3. Paternal Grandfather, Siblings and Parents
4. Paternal Grandmother, Siblings and Parents
There are still some gaps in biography among these lists of names, and there are plenty of stories to research and tell.

This is where I start, and what I focus on during 2018.

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