Monday, 23 May 2016

Identify Your Ancestor in that Photo! Challenge Day 2

I'm joining in Lisa Talbott Lisson's challenge to help identify the people in this photo.

You can read my first post here, explaining the little bit I know about the provenance of the photo.

The second step that Lisa suggests is to identify the type of photograph.  She lists 5 options. Since this photograph is a digital image downloaded from, all I can do is offer a "best guess"!

I do have some other photographs - not of the same people - with that similar sepia/cream colouring.  The extreme right edge of the photograph can just be seen, and it looks like it is attached to thick cream card. So I'm opting for a cabinet card.  Lisa advises that these were popular in the 1860's-1890's ... I wonder if that was also the case here in Australia?  Some further research is in order, I think :-)

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