Monday, 23 May 2016

Identify your Ancestor in that Photo! Challenge - Day 1

After my dismal attempt at the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and an absence from the interweb caused by moving house across 2 states, I've decided to return to my blog by joining Lisa Talbott Lisson's challenge to "identify your ancestor in that photo".

The photo that I've chosen to investigate is this one.

Whenever I log on to Ancestry, it's sitting there as a "shaky leaf" hint.  The photo was uploaded back in 2012 by a member who is my 3rd cousin (I think!)  Unfortunately, there is no source citation, so I feel a bit reluctant to accept the information without proof.

According to my 3rd cousin, the man on the right of the photo is my great-great-grandfather, Thomas William Pitts WEYMOUTH.  And the small round woman to his right is his wife, Mary Harris YOULTEN.

My 3rd cousin doesn't name any of the other people in the photograph, and I have no idea who they might be.

So, in terms of Lisa's first step - to understand the provenance of the photograph - I can only say that I think it belongs in my paternal line, and that it is likely a multi-generational gathering of the family.

Next step will be along soon :-)


  1. Have you approached the cousin to ask if she knows who any of them are? there are some excellent books out there on photo dating.

  2. Yes, I have, Pauleen - and she doesn't. She "thinks" that one of the little girls is her grandmother, but isn't sure. Thanks for your comment :-)