Thursday, 4 February 2016

Genealogy Do-Over 2016 Month 2: Base Practices

I wasn't sure I could keep up with the Genealogy Do-Over when it was first announced because I thought it was going to be a weekly prompt.  But I was wrong!  It's monthly and here is my progress report for February.

There are 2 topics in the February list to be addressed.

1.  Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines
I jumped ahead on this, I think, when I developed and posted my Golden Rules of Genealogy back in December.  

However, I've also taken this opportunity to review the process I want to follow when I'm doing research.  To date, my research process is haphazard and follows the "scattergun" approach - I aim broadly and hope to hit something!!

After reading lots of blogs and websites about research goals, research plans, research logs, research checklists, etc, and getting totally confused for a while, I've decided on the following terms for my own sanity:
  • Research Goal - is the specific point or question I have about an ancestor that I want answered.
  • Research Plan - is the steps I will follow to discover information that will hopefully answer my Research Goal
  • Research Tracker - is the list of searches I undertake as part of the Research Plan, and the results of those searches
  • Research Checklist - is the list attached to each individual of every possible piece of information I might find to help "flesh out" the story of that individual's life.
I've also developed and written up the steps of How I do my Genealogy Research.  It may need some changes as I start to implement it, but I'll see how it goes.

2.  Setting Research Goals
This will be the focus of another post in the near future, as I begin to implement my newly-identified research process.

I wanted to follow along with the Do-Over so that I could improve my research methodology - it's already working :-)

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