Saturday, 9 January 2016

Shipping Saturday: Charles arrives in New Zealand

Thanks to a snippet in the latest edition of Inside History - which I'm able to view for free, courtesy of my wonderful local library and Zinio! - I decided to take a (virtual) visit to Archives New Zealand. I wondered whether I might find some information about my mysterious great-uncle, Charles Frank de Friez.

And there it was: his name on the passenger list of the S.S.Tamaroa, arriving in Auckland on 27 October 1952.  Along with Mrs Dorothy de Friez.

"New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973," database with images, FamilySearch ( accessed 8 January 2016), Auckland (other ports also listed)>1952>Tamaroa>image 16 of 24; National Archives, Wellington.

For those of you who've been keeping up with this story, my belief is that "Mrs Dorothy de Friez" is actually not married to Charles.  I believe she is Dorothy Lowe, and I believe that she and Charles are in a de facto relationship.  But none of this is proved (or disproved!) yet.

In the meantime, at least I now know how and when Charles arrived in New Zealand.

I think the document gives me a new clue to follow too.  Many of the other passengers arriving on the Tamaroa gave their addresses as "c/- Dept. of Labour & Employment, Draft 25a, Wellington".  I wonder whether the fact that Charles gives a specific address, along with an occupation of Transport Manager, means he had a job already lined up.  He didn't need to wait for the Dept. of Labour & Employment to sort something out for him.  I don't know how to chase this down yet, though. Another item on my To-Do list!

Further searching uncovered a Restricted Access file with references to Charles. The file is the property of Te Puni Kokiri which is the New Zealand Government's Ministry of Maori Development. I'm intrigued as to what role or relationship great-uncle Charles could have played in that sphere.

There is a process by which a person can apply for permission to view the records.  BUT one can only view them in person at the offices of Archives New Zealand!  So that might be a bit of an obstacle for me! Or maybe a good reason for a holiday to NZ :-)

While I was at the Archives, I also searched for Dorothy de Friez, and came up empty.  A search for Dorothy Lowe, on the other hand, shows a couple of promising entries, but I need to know more about her to narrow down the "possibles" to the "probables".

So, a chink in the brick wall appears.  I'm off to find the tools to expand the chink into a big hole :-)

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