Saturday, 2 January 2016

Genealogy Goals for 2016 - more!

Planning makes me happy. And there are so many wonderful ideas and themes and journeys to take on. It's always hard to whittle them down, to be realistic about what I can actually fit in along with my regular hum-drum "have-to's" that fill up my days and weeks.

But I'm committed this year to reclaiming time and space for the things I love to do and want to do. At the end of last year, I backed away from a number of commitments that I feel I "should" be doing but really don't enjoy. I also need to overcome my embarrassment and annoyance at the strange looks and comments that I get from family when I mention "genealogy", "family history", or "cemeteries". And discover the joy of doing these things solo.

This is a list of some of the things I've found - over and above what I've already chosen as my actual goals! -  that I want to participate in, "if only I could":

  • ALL the prompts posted every day by Thomas MacEntee on
  • ALL the webinars available through all the fabulous hosts mentioned at
  • Genealogy Do-Over
  • "on this day" research - what else happened on the days that my ancestors were born, married, died, lived through, etc?
  • a Book of Me weekly story
  • a weekly Sepia Saturday photo and story
  • DearMYRTLE's ESM's QuickLessons Study Group throughout 2016
I also would like to try some really cool things, like Carolyn is doing with her 1940s cooking experiment - trying out meals that would have been eaten during WW2 rationing. What fun that would be! I can just see my daughter enjoying that - NOT! :-)

"If only I could" relates to my need to derive an income to allow me to eat and pay for my genealogy research, as well as my commitments as a mother, daughter, and sister. And I have 1 major voluntary commitment that I haven't managed to extract myself from, that I really can't see myself getting away from for many months.

So time and money are my limiting factors. Aren't they always?! Learning to schedule my time better and to be more productive with the time I have, are probably useful goals for this year too.

More on all of this to come - aren't you excited? LOL

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