Monday, 4 January 2016

FINALLY Get Organized! Week #1 Checklist

Week #1 of DearMYRTLE's organizing checklists is here!  And I'm all done already!  I so hope all the checklists and challenges will be this calibre :-)

Here's my progress report:

1. Clear off the computer desk and make piles for everything.
This was the easiest part for me; I just scooped it all up and put it in an open box!  The real work will be sorting it all out and then actioning and/or filing and/or tossing all the various bits and pieces!  Hopefully that help will come soon :-)

2.  Check office supplies, and replace anything you need.
Correction tape; divider tabs - that's about all I need at the moment.  I'm one of those people who picks up loads of stationery whenever I see it on special, so I always have oodles of everything :-)

3. Set up computer desk and office the way I really want it!
This is tricky.  I don't have a separate "genea-cave"; in fact, my computer and bookshelf is in a corner of my bedroom - which I know lots of people say is the worst place for a workstation, but that's the reality of my living arrangements at the moment.  So I did set up my old PC monitor as a second monitor for my laptop - which I'm looking forward to playing with :-)  I have a small corner desk which I try to keep clear because otherwise I have no work-space at all.  My printer is on a small table to the left of the desk, and my bookshelf sits just to the right.  So everything is handy.  But it's very cramped.  I do have space under the desk which I'm thinking could certainly hold my "quick store" method that DearMYRTLE recommends below.  I also have a number of small-ish photo boxes that hold all the stationery that I use constantly.  Perhaps a shelf over the desk would be useful too, but I'm not sure about anchoring it to the wall.  Will have to check that!

4.  Designate a special RED clipboard for IT issues.  
I don't have a special IT person to resolve issues for me, and I don't have very many IT issues to resolve to be honest!  Most things I can work out for myself.  And if I can't, then the whole shebang has to go off-site to a computer shop, anyway.

5.  Designate a special GREEN clipboard for Genealogy Challenges 
I'm not a fan of clipboards but I do love notebooks, so I've found a pretty green A4 notebook and designated that as my Genealogy Research Challenges notebook.

6. Create a "quick store" method.
After a rummage in the garage, I found a FileNStor box that I've had for ages!  It was full of other junk which I hurriedly disposed of, and it's now sitting here under my desk waiting for instructions about filling it :-)

7.  Create an Amazon Prime account.
Amazon Prime doesn't exist in Australia!

So that's it for this week's checklist; bring on Week #2 :-)

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