Friday, 1 January 2016

Data Back-Up Day #1

One of my goals for this year is to make sure that I have an effective and manageable data back-up process for all my genealogy work, my photos and images, and just all my "stuff" that I have on my laptop.

Things that I need to back-up properly include:
  • my genealogy database
  • my blog
  • my emails and news items
  • my documents
  • my photos and images
  • my "favourites" and bookmarked websites.

And the 3-2-1 Rule says that everyone should:
  • keep 3 copies of their data (2 back-ups plus the original)
  • keep back-ups in 2 different forms of media for the back-up's
  • keep 1 backup copy offsite
The data industry also suggests that a restoration plan should be put in place, documented somewhere so that it can be followed easily, and tested out BEFORE it's needed!!

Well, it took a while but I did it - ALL of it!

3 - I've got my original data on my laptop, and have a backup on OneDrive AND on Dropbox, and a second backup on my external hard-drive.
2 - I've used 2 different forms of media - one on the cloud and 1 on the external hard-drive.
1 - I'm not sure about keeping a copy offsite. Does the fact there are 2 "cloud" copies constitute offsite storage? Or maybe I should get a second hard-drive and keep that copy at work perhaps? I'll figure that out over this month, so that I'm ready for February's Back-Up Day.

I wrote up the back-up process and have saved that document too. Now I guess I should try it out :-)

For now, I'm happy with this since I had no back-up in place at all prior to today. Thank you again, gene-community!

Happy New Year :-)

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