Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Eric Ormond WEYMOUTH and Gwendolyn Mary GRACE

I never knew my paternal grandparents.  I did meet them once, but I didn't get to spend any time with them.  I heard lots of stories about them from my dad, and I certainly felt like they were in my life.  It's only now that I'm in my fifties and trying to put together the story of their lives, that I wish it had been different.

I don't know how they met, but on 26th August 1929, just days before the Wall Street Crash that would trigger the world's worst economic depression, Eric and Gwendolyn married.  She was pregnant and they were married by license in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Mildura (see pic below) with only her parents present at the ceremony.  She was 17 and he had just turned 23.   I wonder how ready they really were for marriage.

I have never seen any photos of their wedding or any item that would symbolise the joy of a wedding.
I'll keep looking though; who knows what might turn up through my gene-adventures :-)

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