Monday, 28 December 2015

Mystery Monday: More questions about Charles Frank de Friez

I've already written a couple of blog posts about the mystery that is/was my great-uncle, Charles Frank de FRIEZ; you can find them here and here.
Charles Frank de Friez, c1990.
From his (blank) British passport
issued 3 Apr 1990, in the keeping
of the author
Charles was a Commercial Clerk.  On the death certificate of his wife Elsie, her husband's occupation is given as "chocolate company representative".  On the birth certificate of Charles' brother, the address is "Packer's Stores, Avonmouth".  Putting this altogether, I wonder whether Charles worked for Packer's Chocolate Factory...

There are lots of photo's of the now-derelict factory at /landie_man/albums/72157624371589225/with/4793107137/

I wonder how Charles and Elsie met?  Charles lived at 12 Olveston Road, Horfield and Elsie lived at 19 Hazelton Road, Bishopston. Elsie's father is identified as a Clerk, too, though he worked for a Corn Merchant.  Did they work together at some point?

So many questions!!!
  • Did Charles need to "convert" to Catholicism to marry Elsie?
  • What was the basis of their marriage?
  • Where did they live when first married?
  • Did he work at Packer's Chocolates Factory?  In what capacity?
  • When did they separate?  And where did Charles go after that?  How did he get to Wales?
  • Did he marry Dorothy, or was it a pretence to counter social disapproval?
  • What was the purpose of the trip to New Zealand - holiday or emigration?
  • How did Charles end up in Queensland, alone?
This is definite content for a research plan, I think, to help me uncover some clues and maybe discover some answers.

Once the research plan is done, I'll post it here for comment and for accountability.  Maybe the man of mystery and international travel will allow me to unlock some of his secrets :-)

Have fun gene-adventuring, till we meet again :-)

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