Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sibling Saturday - Mary Eileen de Friez

Today is Sibling Saturday and I thought I'd take a little rest from exploring whatever is going on with Charles Frank, and spend some time with his sister Mary Eileen de FRIEZ.

I'm also going to steal borrow the layout from Randy Seavers on his wonderful blog  I love how he presents the information aobut his ancestors; it's really simple and easy to understand ... so here is most of what I know about Mary Eileen.

*  Name:                     Mary Eileen de FRIEZ    
*  Sex:                         Female    

*  Father:                    Charles de Friez (1873-1936)    
*  Mother:                   Florence Reed (1882- )    
*  Birth:                       18 April 1913 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England 
* 1939 Register:          With her husband at Compton Martin, Clutton  
*  Death:                      Q4 1976, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
*  Spouse 1:               Ernest Edward Jefferies    
*  Marriage:               Q4 1936 (about age 23), Bristol, Gloucestershire, Bristol

* Birth Certificate:    BXCF091023 issued by General Register Office on 27 July 2011
* 1939 Register:        1939 Register, Borough of W.P.M.C., R.D. of Clutton, District 315/2

Mary Eileen is my great-aunt.  I never met her and only have some family stories to go on.  And while I'm pretty confident the marriage information is correct, I'm awaiting the arrival of the official marriage certificate to confirm it all.

And already other family stories appear to be not quite true!  My mother has always said that Aunt Molly (as she was called) and her mother (Florence) moved to Portugal at the beginning of World War II and stayed there together until it was over.  But this evidence is that she was definitely still in Compton Martin in September 1939.

I've always had a sense of her as being the "modern fun" one of my grandfather's family.  She was portrayed by him as the younger sister who liked to have fun and who often got into mischief.  I do have a postcard that she sent to my grandfather, which he kept.  She signed off with "your little sister" and certainly sounds full of energy and vitality.  I have no pictures of her, but I imagine her as small and elfin - somewhat like Audrey Hepburn :-)

I believe that Mary Eileen and Ernest had at least 1 child, but I haven't investigated that yet.  And there is a blacked-out entry directly below Mary's name in the 1939 Register - an indication that the person could still be alive!

I wonder how Mary Eileen and Ernest survived the war.  Did they stay on the farm?  Did they get re-located during or after the time when the bombs dropped on Bristol?  And what happened after the war?

Curiosity is the cornerstone of geneaology :-)  Until next time, enjoy your own gene-adventures!


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