Thursday, 12 November 2015

It begins!

I've been debating for a while about starting a blog about my genealogy adventures.  I've been researching in very haphazard and undisciplined ways for over 10 years now, and have discovered lots of wonderful ancestors and stories along the way.  However, I don't have any way of remembering the stories I discover.  I get very confused about which story belongs to which ancestor and while I have a lot of facts, it's the stories which are the truly amazing part of family history.

So I've been following a number of blogs and I do think that writing my stories - with appropriate tagging - could be a good way of keeping track of them.

So I'm going to give it a go!  I'm not very disciplined or consistent in anything I do, so this may be another "false start" but I hope this will work for me - which will keep me more motivated to keep using it :-)  A bit of a loop-de-loop there :-)

I'll start by listing my main families:

WEYMOUTH - my father's paternal line arrived in South Australia from England in 1838 on board the Coromandel.  My ancestor, John Weymouth, brought his wife and 6 children with him.  After the death of his first wife, he married again, and had another bunch of children.  That generation spread into Western Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales.  So there are literally thousands of descendants!!

DE FRIEZ - my mother's paternal line is an interesting and nomadic one.  Most of her male line is very attached to the sea, with a raft of Master Mariners, river and barge pilots, fishermen and other sea-related occupations appearing among them.  Surprisingly, the originator of this line (at least as far as I've got so far!), Joseph DEFRIEZ 1793-1874, was a Feather Merchant!!

Then of course, there are the maternal lines that weave in and out.

GRACE - my father's mother.

MCDONALD - my mother's mother.

And it goes on:  Seymour, Norris, Reed, Cook, Youlten, Jenkins, O'Shaughnessy, Richards, Clough, Prescott, Oatway, Sprowles ...

I have a couple of convicts in the GRACE line - political activists from the last remnants of the Irish Rebellion in the 1820's - and a number of criminals; there are suicides, tragic and unexpected deaths, hasty marriages - even a bigamist, I believe! - children and babies who died too early, spinster aunts - and all the other big and small stories that make up our human existence.

I hope this blog gives me an opportunity to share some of them and to bring some order to my understanding of them all.

And - finally - given that this is Thankful Thursday - I am incredibly thankful that my ancestors' lives played out the way they did.  I would otherwise not be here :-)  I'm also thankful that their lives are recorded in a variety of ways that allows me to get a glimpse of their personalities, their loves and hates, and their amazing stories.

Until next time, enjoy your own gene-adventures :-)


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